Stomach on flat flat, a$$ on what’s that- Drake

ONE SIZE FITS ALL… yeah right how many times have you researched “Curvy fashion” keywords only to find fashion sites not really “for” you? You either get beautiful women who are “Hollywood” curvy or beautiful women who are “curvy” but in different areas. No shade to anyone at all, but there is a gap in the fashion market for women with the “slim waist, thick thighs and big behind”. There are  100’s of “plus size” bloggers, which is beautiful but still does not quite meet our needs. Apparently having curves is some sort of magic, whenever we put clothes on we always add extra sex appeal. Two women could where the same dress, but the one with curves will always cause more conflict. Have you ever felt angry in high school or in “Business” environments due to your outfit? You have on this really cute skirt that goes past your knee but because of your hips and booty this skirt gets you sent to the office or even worst home because it was “too distracting”?! This body shape is technically speaking one of the most desirable’s out of all 5 of the body types but yet we have no haven! Our silhouette has to be the most misunderstood shape of them all, even though we look great in most clothes everyone needs a fashion idol that they can relate to.  I am dedicated to bringing all the beautiful hour-glass, upside-down heart or pyramid shaped fashionista’s together. Finally someone you can relate to; it always amazes me how many songs there are about us but yet no fashion moguls. The most to populate in the search is Beyonce, J-Lo and Halle berry but this is more for the Kim Kardashian’s, Coco Austin’s and Nicki Minja’s. Whether your style is sexy and elegant, street and sporty or boho and hippy I created this page for ALL of us! This will be an exotic cult we are BOMBSHELLS


Here are some visuals:

blog pic

Owner/ writer of Bombshell’s Galore @missrosalei (currently building wardrobe & portfolio, you guys will see more pics of me very soon… I just need them to be bomb!)












These images are NOT to put down anyone or any size, I honestly believe that every woman is beautiful and should fall in love with themselves. I created this blog for a specific group of women who find it hard to love themselves, we have this rare gift of a booty that is beautiful to outsiders but a fashion crisis for us. Only us know how it feels to have a bomb outfit on but feel insecure all day because you’re not sure if your butt looks too big in a skirt. We should not have to sacrifice trends and our fashion style because we have extra sexiness in our hips, our bodies are not “inappropriate” POWER TO THE SLIM WAIST AND THICK THIGHS!



Dress from @sweetbloodapparel

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