Death to plus size

I hate the term plus size, like seriously what bigot coined that term? Why was it chosen to represent some of the most beautiful women on this earth? As a teen searching for clothes has always been a long process for me, one there are not many clothing brands that cater to young adults with curves instead I would have to buy in the women section. It was not such a bad thing until my hips and thighs decided they were not done growing, so eventually in high school I found myself shopping in the “plus size” section in every store. Shopping in the plus size section always gave me this bad vibe due to the name, I felt isolated and less of a woman. Why are we separated as if we are a different gender there are Women sections, men sections and plus size sections… Designers and stores for some reason cannot migrate clothing beyond certain sizes with average sizes; sometimes they don’t even carry our sizes in-store but online. Which adds stress on to us because we all know the perks and disadvantages of online shopping, because what looks great on the model will not always look good on you especially when you have additional curves along your body.

Hollywood finally began to acknowledge that there are curvy women in the world and began to show case celebrities and models that are considered curvy. I apologize but my definition of curvy and Hollywood’s definition are completely different. Hollywood’s ideal curvy model is kind of disrespectful to me, it still makes me feel insecure because I still find it hard to relate. Kim Kardashian is one of the closest fashion icons we have these days (I love Kim K btw) but we need more options and Icons out here to give us that fashion inspiration needed. This was just an rant, I believe more and more companies should kill the term “Plus size” out of respect and adapt a whole new phrase all together. Maybe even go as far as to not single curvy women out and place them in the same section as normal clothing… we don’t need that much room!

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