how to dress a bombshell (how to dress for your shape)

It’s no secret  that women with exotic bodies can  basically wear anything and make it look like a million bucks! Let’s also admit that there are a few items in our closets that make you either look like squidward from Sponge bob (the time he ate so many krabby patties it went straight to his thighs) or a tent that just makes us look heavy all over. I know I have a few shirts and dresses that kind of just sit there to annoy me. In my hunt for pyramid shaped (3D triangle shaped body a.k.a extra junk in the trunk) bloggers I came across a few links that said “How to dress your shape”, once I researched a little more I wonder who else knew this amazing secret (i have been hidden under the fashion rock obviously) so I created this mini guide to dressing for the pyramid and hourglass body type.


First thing needed is to determine your body shape do you have the pyramid shape or the hourglass shape? The pyramid body type: small chest, small waist and larger hips/ booty hour-glass shape: large chest, small waist and larger hips/booty. The pyramid body should balance and accentuate the top half, while the hourglass body should highlight curves and emphasize the waist. Below are pictures of the two (btw you may know who Ms. Nikki is already and be aware that her curves have been enhanced and she looks bomb af, she’s the perfect example of an hourglass figure and her fashion is amazing):

Pyramid (@CieraRogers)

Hourglass (@Missnikkiibaby)

Pyramid (@Soooraven)

Hourglass (@realberniceburgos)


These beautiful ladies are prime exampless, but not the only if you fall in between these then following these ladies for fashion inspo is a great move.

So let’s have it now:



  • Scooped necklines
  • V-necklines
  • Crop tops/ tops that sit at your waist
  • Off the shoulder
  • Belted jackets / fitted jackets


  • Wrap dress
  • Pencil skirt
  • A-line skirt
  • Fitted jeans
  • High waisted
  • Wide legged with a belted top


  • Knee High boots
  • Stilletto heels
  • Peep toe shoes
  • Rounded toe


I am so grateful to have found this, not only does this make shopping a little lighter but now there should not be too much drama in the dressing room. Learning this has helped me a ton because now I am looking for trendy pieces that compliment my shape, not just comfort me. Whenever I post fashion inspiration it is geared towards hourglass and pyramid body types, because when I was searching for inspiration I needed a blog or source that was for ME and my curves so I am making this for that bombshell in the dark. On my handbook page you will find a list of curvy fashionistas to follow and love like I did.


Below are a few links I added:  Boots for your shape  Best skirts for pear shape  Hourglass shape

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