Teacher bae is a bombshell

A few days ago a brilliant elementary school teacher broke the internet by being a bombshell!

Of course us bombshells came to her rescue in her defense, her curves made her a internet sensation, she’s definitely our teacher bae! 

A story came out that Patrice Brown’s wardrobe is inappropriate for her career! Once again having curves became a crime, her body may even cost her job. This situation is the prime example as into why I created Bombshells Galore, it’s not anyone’s fault how they are shaped. 

A few people came to her defense as well by comparing side by side pictures of slimmer women in the exact same dress but less curves to show how curves came make “appropriate” go to “inappropriate”, any one with out such curves will never understand what we actually have to go through. I am not sure whether parents are threatened by her appearance or influence on their children.  

According to a few resources her teaching skills are on fleek and Ms. Brown has  of received an abundance rewards for her teaching. Sadly the most negative comments came from other women who instead of defending her from body shaming added their own spice to how she should dress. 

Bombshells do not let others views on “appropriate” dictate your style or confidence! No one knows how many times you didn’t want to even go places because the outfit you just bought now feels like it’s too short or too tight, no one knows how annoying it is to find clothes that make you look like a complete vixen & no one else knows how annoying it can be to have your body sexualized in whatever you wear or wherever you go! 

Unfortunately society has their own views on situations that get out of hand, hopefully this blog will help you gain confidence & also bring some inspiration!

Bottom line… F**k society, bombshells rule this world!

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