Bombshells Galore was created to inspire young fashionistas to be the most confident when it comes to their body. A bombshell according to my blog is a woman with a strong curve that runs from her waist to hips, the triangle-shaped woman or hourglass figure.

The term bombshell could not describe us any better, having these curves we often get looked at as sex symbols no matter what we have on, often the woman with this shape has insecurities with their bodies and they sacrifice fashion way to often to look “appropriate” when honestly we can’t help it! So this is place where us bombshells can find a little fashion luxury and a place where you can enjoy more women just like you!

This woman currently holds the crème de la crème silhouette; unfortunately there are not that many bloggers or fashion havens for us. Honestly we can pretty much wear anything and make it look fabulous and still turn heads but it’s just nice to have someone to relate to.

Trending fashion for women with curves is a difficult topic due to us needing specific qualities in our wardrobe, there was a need trending fashion that coordinated with our curves.

Although there are a handful of curvy bloggers, each blog has a different style this blog is dedicated to the trendy, luxury, sporty, hippie, sexy and elegant woman who varies in style but curves remain solid.

We bombshells also need to maintain our beautiful bodies with the proper fitness routines that keep our hips, thighs and waist desirable.

Along with a few beauty tips here and there, I welcome all bombshells into Bombshells Galore‘s Chateau.


My name is Augusta, social media brand Rosa Lei (grandmother’s name) and I created this blog with the hopes of reaching out to young women who needed a haven that was for them! By them I mean small waist and a huge booty. Even though so many people adore this shape, it’s really complicated to dress. I always had issues finding jeans that fit my waist and hips, dresses that didn’t create that weird gap that looks like a slope in the back and having to wear a belt that made the fabric in my pants bulge up. Literally being stuck in the middle of “standard” and “plus-size”, not having the means to have every item in my wardrobe to be altered and finding pants that were not leggings frustrated me to the max. So as my 10th grade science teacher Ms. Solomon stated “If you have a problem with something, create the solution” and so I created Bombshells Galore for women who are like me just looking for someone like myself and who are tired of trying to have their body accepted by society. I was afraid of fashion because I did not want to dress like a grandmother but I also did not want to send out the wrong signals, having curves you can wear a tent and still be seen as a distraction, I just want other young girls to know that you can look elegant, sexy, sporty or whatever your their style is EVEN with your beautiful curves, because fashion drives well on curves