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Hey bombshells! Bombshell Galore will be on a mini break! Instagram & Tumblr will still be very very active! Stay connected through those two, I am currently revamping the whole thing to be  a little more cunt like the owner ! 

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Teacher bae is a bombshell

A few days ago a brilliant elementary school teacher broke the internet by being a bombshell!

Of course us bombshells came to her rescue in her defense, her curves made her a internet sensation, she’s definitely our teacher bae! 

A story came out that Patrice Brown’s wardrobe is inappropriate for her career! Once again having curves became a crime, her body may even cost her job. This situation is the prime example as into why I created Bombshells Galore, it’s not anyone’s fault how they are shaped. 

A few people came to her defense as well by comparing side by side pictures of slimmer women in the exact same dress but less curves to show how curves came make “appropriate” go to “inappropriate”, any one with out such curves will never understand what we actually have to go through. I am not sure whether parents are threatened by her appearance or influence on their children.  

According to a few resources her teaching skills are on fleek and Ms. Brown has  of received an abundance rewards for her teaching. Sadly the most negative comments came from other women who instead of defending her from body shaming added their own spice to how she should dress. 

Bombshells do not let others views on “appropriate” dictate your style or confidence! No one knows how many times you didn’t want to even go places because the outfit you just bought now feels like it’s too short or too tight, no one knows how annoying it is to find clothes that make you look like a complete vixen & no one else knows how annoying it can be to have your body sexualized in whatever you wear or wherever you go! 

Unfortunately society has their own views on situations that get out of hand, hopefully this blog will help you gain confidence & also bring some inspiration!

Bottom line… F**k society, bombshells rule this world!

Bomber, thigh highs & a little peep toe


Instagram: @cierarogers

The other night Ciera Rogers took to Snapchat with this bomb outfit for one of her night outs! We love how she embraces her curves in her all white one piece jumpsuit. Her added flavor with the red bomber that stops at her snatched waist & nude thigh high peep toe boots! This look can be created fairly easily be sure to add your own flare you can change the color theme as well.

Below are links to alternatives:




Image 1 of Only Padded Bomber Jacket with Zips



Racerback Short Unitard (3 Colors)

instagram: @chrisszoe




White Mini Turtleneck Dress





Hello dolls ❤️

Bombshells Galore is currently seeking Bombshell Ambassadors & Bombshell Gurus to rep and help expand our brand!

Please check out our ABOUT page to learn more about our movement & meaning! 

If you or any of your friends have any of the preferred qualities please send an email to with the subject line “I want in” 

3 images of you (show your fashion sense)

& a brief statement on how you can contribute to our brand ☺️

Bombshell Examples (Ciera rogers, Nikki lavie, Laila loves & Erika lipps


Have a large following 10k or more 

      – exceptional fashion expertise 

      – Pyramid / hourglass body type 

have fashion influence / expertise

Pyramid / hourglass body type 

Able to travel

Working on building their own brand/ name

Gurus & Ambassadors will be paid, further info to be discussed via email! 

Thank you, 

Bombshells Galore xx

How to build your wardrobe & find your style


I NEED TO BUY MORE CLOTHES!! – says the girl who has a closet full of clothes I never wear.

Am I the only one is this universe who has a ton of unwanted, “maybe this will come in handy” or “why the hell did I buy this?” Items in my closet? I believe that excessive shopping leads to clothes hoarding, and many cases of “I need something to wear even though I just went shopping”. I realized that I was shopping out of freedom or shopping because I can and I was just buying things that I thought would make my wardrobe my stylish and close to my style. Now as a baby fashion blogger I am currently still searching for my personal style, I know what I like but with a different budget for shopping you kind of hinder your style a little… maybe a lot.

I have always loved fashion but I was never really taught “how to shop” my mother is the most down to earth, non- materialistic and simple woman I have encountered. She loves hand me downs and good sales, don’t get me wrong I value her savvy ways but I loved fashion way too much to wear some of things she bought me (sorry mom I love you… alot). So I picked up a habit by just buying random things for emotional pleasure, to only end up with a closet full of things I could never wear. So why do I have so many clothes that do not work for any occasion I attend or even my style? I started to believe I was cursed, so I knew something I was doing was completely wrong. One thing for sure was that whenever I got an ounce of money I was sure to spend it on clothes, another thing for sure was that I always felt like I wasted my money. That was the first half of the issue, the next was what was my style? Why is my wardrobe not reflecting my style? Why does everything I buy seem to be not trendy but comfortable? So I began to research on Pinterest and look for ways to build my wardrobe. I came across many posts but what catches my eye was the phrase “Capsule Wardrobe” and I dug a little deeper. The idea was brilliant, although some people use this to minimize I see this as a chance to maximize your wardrobe and have you fly all year around. It’s so crazy to me, when I was younger I used to look up “how to shop” or “how many pairs of jeans do I need in my wardrobe?” and years later here it is… Capsule wardrobe!

So what is a Capsule Wardrobe? I stumbled upon Unfancy she answered my question and so much more, if you guys would like a little more detail her blog is perfect. Basically it’s a mini wardrobe full of pieces that you love and are your style. It’s kind of like organized buying, because now you are buying something with a purpose. I found a website (I have not tried it yet, once I do I will let you bombshells know) that will build your wardrobe for you ($15/ every 3 months – season change) capsules app. Caroline (the editor of Unfancy) says her capsule has 37 pieces of clothing for 3 months and during that 3 months she does not shop. That sounds like the best idea for anyone looking to save money and still have all the clothes the NEED moreso than want. Great idea for minimalist, however I am looking more to build my wardrobe so how I plan to do this is create a capsule wardrobe and add things on. So look at this as the foundation for your wardrobe!


Here’s a checklist I found on Pinterest: Capsule wardrobe checklist

Check out The Glitter Guide with tips for cleaning your closet & how she does her capsule wardrobe using color palettes.

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Blanca y thighs

This bombshell deserve to be certified!

Laila is serving curves in her maxi, wrap dress with

a high slit & low plunging neckline from Miss Guided.

Bombshells should rock the hell out of this dress on several occasions,

The low neckline that guides you to the curve of your waist makes your

Hips look polished & and waist snatched.

Miss Laila added a classic nude, pointed heel to finish the slay!

Check out the exact dress & alternatives!



Miss Guided


Lemon lunar

Image 1 of ASOS Wrap Maxi Dress in Jersey Crepe


Nasty Gal

Toffee Double Slit Maxi Dress

Hot Miami Styles


Dahlia Perspex Heels Stilettos in Nude Patent

Keely High Heels in Nude